Tuesday, March 22, 2011

congrAtz to Jermyn and Yaohui~!!!

heyZ Gen Ben Family~!!!!!!!

it'z beeN so looooooonG siNce our previouZ posT...i juz sAw thiz on 脸书 and got theze photoZ froM there:

the proposAl bAnner

the lAnding of loVe~

the kneelinG of loVe~

the rinG of loVe~

the kizZ of loVe~

i muZ sAy thiz iz an ultrA romAntic proposAl method loH....kudoZ~!!!!! :^)

addenduM - 8 Jun 2011: thiZ shAll be cAlled the paraposAl (parAchute proposAl) of jerM and yAohui~!!! ;P

congrAtz to Jermyn and Yaohui~!!!

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

SCB Burfday 2010

Latest Post!! since god knows when... Kekeke... Will keep it short enjoy the lovely photos.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Random Random!

hehe... came across this when me and angela were in paragon... jerm: when are u inviting us over for a party on ur street?!?haha...

another random pic... of liz low!!! attempting to kiss ____________
haha... come everyone! use ur imaginations and fill in the blank! keke...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dear Tingting~!

After attending Yingqiu's wedding at Hotel Royal @ Queens, we tricked Ting into going for a drink and went to Mr Bean's at selegie road!! Look at her superlicious brownie with chocolate icecream topped with whipped cream and cherrry~! =D

Happy 26th to our TaoGu & may you stay this bitchy and slutty for many many years to come!! kekeke let us enjoy a few more random pics of tingting before I end this post muahahahaaaaa


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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Miscellaneous Post from ME!!!!

wooooo.... my 1st time at trying a hand at blogging... so exciting! keke...

but initially i was feeling like dis:

cos couldn't rem wat our blog email and pw was... luckily my TL came to the rescue!!!! haha...

some misc pics which i took with my 5MP camera phone... ahahaha............

the time when we ate at liang court that pasta restaurant place, while waiting for everyone to reach, we cam-whored at the vietnamese kopi place...

2 kopis gao gao!

these 2 were yan2 jiu1-ing the aroma and texture of the kopis

jiao1 bei1 jia1 bei1!!!! sorry shuping heh... no choice, sz25 is a slut :p

mama mia!

2 chiobus... *wolf whistle*

and then there was our supper outing last wkend... we waited for jerm till 2am in the morn!!! omg... can u imagine?!?!? ask him to take his time he really took his time! wat the toot! but nevertheless, we were still able to enjoy the nice frog's leg porridge and silver fish, fried with chilli and garlic!

a hungry man is an angry man!

come darling! let me feed u... kekekeke......

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